Be the Best Version of You

About Tarryn


I am a very creative, free flowing, loving nurturer, who sees the beauty in all people and all situations.

What I love

I love to play Acro yoga in my back garden
I love to surf
Hug trees
Listen to Simon sing and play music
Kundalini yoga
Play with my Crystals
Drink tea – I love the ritual of tea making
Yoga and Breath work
Eating Kristal’s cooking

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  • Diploma of Holistic Life Coaching and Mind Body Connection.
  • Level 2 Holistic life style coaching CHEK Institute
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Crystal Healer
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Dynamic Meditation – Studied in Nepal
  • Massage Therapist
  • Raindrop Technique

My Story

At a young age I struggled with dyslexia, causing self-worth and self-esteem issues and left me feeling disconnected to myself and others in my life. I turned to addiction, abusive relationships and completely burnt myself out, I also suffered from PTSD.

I have worked in the FIFO industry as a crane driver / rigger. Working long hours, doing night shift creating so much imbalance in my body. The day I quit I never looked back. The starting point to my new life began when I travelled to Nepal. I learnt chakra balancing and dynamic meditation, also experiencing Kriya yoga and Kundalini meditation. WOW! I came back from my travels in Nepal, I was so excited to get start on my new path. The universe had other ideas, I was completely burnt out. This was the biggest gift of all.

​I had to retrain my brain, take back control of my life, and rediscover what my authentic self is. I couldn’t leave my house for weeks, I felt all alone and all I could do was start from the beginning of all my emotions. Through this I gained a higher level of self-awareness and began to really understand my past and true emotions. After a year of struggling I started my journey to improve my gut health, focus on good nutrition and how to heal my body. Thanks to Rob at Body Genius who helped me turn my life around.

​Changing my old habits, Implementing changes and fuelling my body, my brain fog began to disappear and I started to feel alive again. My anxiety lessened, and my confidence started to come back. Today I’m a free spirited playful gypsy, I love, I accept love, I have self-worth and the biggest gift of all is that I can connect to the inside of myself to really listen to my body and know what I need.

​I embrace my child like uniqueness and letting go of expectations. I feel so blessed to have taken the path to self-awareness, self-love and living consciously.

I feel that I had to overcome all of these hurdles, to see my true purpose and receive amazing gifts. My personal experiences and learnings have made me a better version of myself. I am excited to work with others, so that I can help them heal too.

My passion is to see people happy. Everyone is equal and deserves to live a fulfilling vibrant life.

If living the way of self-love, conscious living and amazing health resonates with you, Please connect with me to book your coaching session. 🙂

Love & Peace
Tarryn Meason


​I could write a whole book on how amazing, down to earth and kind hearted Tarryn is – just to give you an idea that she truly is an incredible woman! Tarryn has helped guide me through some tougher times and always helps me see things from a different perspective which is great as it helps me figure things out. I use to be very shy and withdrawn and always just listened and never spoke my truths and just tipped toed around so that everyone else was happy however that was never good for me as deep down it didn’t make me happy. I still love to listen and help others however I speak out more and share ‘ME’ because I am great and I have great values and things to share. Now that I love myself and respect myself I am a much happier person because I have unleashed my TRUE POWERS all thanks to the help and guidance of the beautiful Tarryn! She is my hero and a true inspiration to me. The best thing is that she actually cares and you can see that when you speak to her, she is such a genuine kind hearted person and I hope everyone has the chance to be able to see her magic, first hand  The power of loving yourself is the greatest power we will ever gain!

Tash Lee Gagnon from Chameleon Art

I had a Raindrop Technique massage with Tarryn and it was bliss. She creates a very relaxing and safe space where you can just let yourself go and thoroughly enjoy the experience…and her use of the Singing Bowl at the end was perfection.

I have been blessed in having lots of help, support and advice from Tarryn for my business and in my personal life. She is very skilled in the art of listening and her insights cut to the heart of the matter with a beautiful simplicity that makes you wonder why you didn’t see it for yourself. And there is no judgement what-so-ever, which allows you to own what she sees and move forward in a state of strength and confidence.

Tarryn is one of those rare beautiful people whose soul shines all the way through to the outside and touches everyone she meets. She just spreads sunshine and happiness wherever she goes.

Dianne from Bohemian at heart

Tarryn is an incredibly giving person, with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Tarryn for a coaching session. She has an intuitive sense for what you need to hear to gain clarity and understanding, to help you to see the way forward letting go of all blockages that have been holding you back. Through talking with Tarryn I gained confidence with my small business! Such an authentic beautiful, in tune spirit, thank you Tarryn

Raine from lumen Essence

I am so incredibly blessed to have Tarryn Meason coaching me, to help me expand and push through the barriers I unknowingly and knowingly create helping me to say ‘safe’ but goodness….we know the magick that waits on the other side of fear and Tarryn is the soul to help me reach through the stuff to deeper empowerment…I highly recommend checking out her page

Carrie from Carrie – Reiki and intuitive healing

From dynamic meditations, to reiki and crystal healing to raindrop technique essential oil massages, you can find it all here! I had never tried any of the things mentioned before and I am sooo glad I had Tarryn to open my mind to these new ways of self-care! I absolutely enjoyed every bit and cannot wait to go back! She’s amazing and so dedicated

Dayan from Luv n Health

Today I experienced my first healing massage! This being my second massage by Tarryn – she is absolutely amazing, makes you feel very comfortable, I can’t wait to come back! Highly recommend

Ann Perth WA

Wow…Thank you so much for today. No words can describe how incredible that was !!! I feel and smell like a light forest fairy

Carrie Mandruah WA

Literally the best massage I have ever had! Tarryn is professional, caring and knows how to find the exact problem areas. Had a raindrop technique massage today and it was absolutely amazing. Always leave feeling great.
Thanks Tarryn x

Rochelle Perth WA

This beautiful soul is so incredible inside and out. She has honestly helped me more than I could have asked for! Her massages and kind spiritual soul have definitely enabled me to heal personal issues I’ve had for years!

Laura Fremantle WA